Quaker White Oats

Quick cook white oatmeal

  • Cantidad: 24X500gr
  • Referencia: Ref. 0116
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Quarker White Oats. Each box of quarker white oats, quick cook oatmeal, contains 24 units of 500 grams.
Description: Quick cook white oatmeal
Scientific name: Avena sativa
Origin: UK
Storage conditions: Keep in a dry place
Ingredients: 100% oat flakes
Preparation: Add two Quaker oat flakes to the soup to make it creamier and tastier. Prepare the soup in the usual way, add a large tablespoon of quaker oat flakes for each bowl of soup and let it simmer for 1 minute. You can also add a tablespoon of flakes to casseroles and stews to thicken and add texture and flavor.

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