Who is La Perla?

La Perla is a company that imports and distributes ethnic food, exotic food, global food and international cosmetics.

Who does La Perla sell to?

La Perla only sells to companies. If you are a food wholesaler or food distributor, you have a food store, a supermarket or a restaurant … If you are part of a food processing company, contact us.

If you are a cosmetic wholesaler or cosmetics distributor specialized in African cosmetics, or wholesaler of synthetic hair or distributor of artificial hair, contact us.

Does La Perla deliver to consumer?

La Perla only sells and delivers to retail and wholesalers. We do not sell products to final consumers.

How can I become a customer of La Perla?

To be a client of La Perla, you must contact us by filling in the web form “contact us” from the contact menu. Once we receive your contact form with all your information, a sales manager will contact you.

Why are there no product prices on the website?

We do not publish our prices on the web as they may vary for several reasons. Once you are a client of La Perla, the commercial manager of your account will provide you the prices of the products. In addition, you can see the prices on the proformas or purchase invoices.

I would like to deliver goods.

If you are a carrier and you wish to deliver merchandise to La Perla, you must do so at our facilities at c/Marie Curie s/n Pol. Ind. Can Jorn de La Roca del Vallès within the warehouse hours, from 8:00 to 15:00.

I want to offer my products or services to La Perla

If you want to offer your products or services to La Perla you can contact us through the web form “contact us” from the contact menu. Once we receive your contact form, the person responsible for purchases or services will contact you.

I want to make a complaint about a product or product delivery

If you want to complain about a product or product delivery, you should contact your sales manager. In the event that there are product defects derived from transport, you must notify it on the same delivery note provided by the carrier and immediately contact your sales manager.

I want to return products purchased at La Perla, how could I do it?

The products to be returned must be presented in the same conditions in which they were delivered: box, units, labelling and temperature in case of refrigerated or frozen products.
Return deadlines:

-15 days from the date of delivery, except for fresh products, which are 24 hours from the date of delivery.

To proceed with the return, you must contact your sales manager and he will inform you about the way to do it.

Where can I find La Perla product catalog?

To know the complete catalog that La Perla offers, you can visit the “Products” section and browse through all the categories and subcategories of products, or you can visit the “Catalog” section to download the annual catalogs of La Perla in PDF format.

Do La Perla products meet the quality standards?

All food products, cosmetic products and artificial hair sold by La Perla come from producers and manufacturers who comply with the standards of production, packaging and labeling, and distribution. For more information, you can consult the technical sheets of the products supervised by our Quality team. Also, you can visit our food safety policy here.