17 October, 2019

Cream of pumpkin and coconut soup

20 November, 2019

Rice flour and soy yoghurt sponge cake

There are countless recipes for sponge cakes made with different types of flour. This cake is made with rice flour which is suitable for coeliacs and […]
20 November, 2019

Stir-fried vegetables and couscous with peanut butter and coconut cream

Couscous is a traditional North African dish based on wheat semolina. It can probably be regarded as the staple dish of most North African peoples and […]
20 November, 2019


Hummus is an appetizer and one of the most popular dishes in the Middle East. It is served with fresh or toasted pita bread and basically […]
20 November, 2019

Curried potatoes in coconut oil

20 November, 2019


Sushi has been one of the world’s most popular foods for years. It originated in Japan and its main ingredients are sushi rice with fish, shellfish […]